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Kings & Cubs Communications takes all my experience and packages it up into communications solutions tailored to your needs, because you're a busy business owner or leader.

Whatever problem or challenge you're facing, I can bring in a fresh perspective, new ideas and solutions. I can easily break it down into manageable chunks and collaborate with others to get from start to finish. 


If you want someone who is energetic, creative and can turn abstract ideas and facts into a simple plan or memorable campaign then you're on the right website.

Great communication will connect you with the right person, build trust, make an impact and get the business results you want.


Here are just a few ways I may be able to help you:

By establishing a communication plan that links to your business objectives and can be tracked for impact

By helping you communicate new products and services to customers

By ensuring your business voice has creativity, personality and that people take notice of it

By creating campaigns and content when you do not have the time or skills to do it yourself

By providing a mentoring service to communications leaders and their teams when they need support on how they work, how to influence and how to juggle multiple priorities

By offering a trusted communications advisor service to Executive and Non-executive teams, providing support during periods of major change and transformation programmes including service changes, strategy launches, mergers and acquisitions.

What happens next?

All communications solutions start with a conversation. Get in touch to arrange yours. I look forward to hearing from you.

Email me:

Call me:  07502 207 561

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