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The new girl

Thirty-two years ago, I started high school. A new girl in a strange school who knew nobody, other than a single classmate and an older cousin. Today my son started his own high school journey. I have been building up to this milestone for a while. One of my visions when I became self-employed, was to be home every night when he returns from school. The fact that I will be gives me immense satisfaction.

In the blink of an eye, the next five years will pass, and I will have two boys in high school and another hurtling towards the same milestone.

Yesterday I was faffing with pencil cases, skinny fit trousers, and labelling PE socks (no idea whether that is necessary or overkill) and wondering what Olly’s life will be like 32 years from now and how he will feel on the day his eldest child puts on a blazer and walks off with his friends without turning back.

The back to school routine will bring me and my business some much needed stability. An opportunity to set up a new structure to my working week, Zoom calls where I don’t need to issue noise warnings in advance and the opportunity to go for walks and bike rides without the whirring sound of scooter wheels around me. Peace at last.

It is a scary step thought as it is the second bite of the cherry for my business which was only just getting going when lockdown began. I am taking it in chunks and am already looking forward to half term and an escape to the country, a chance to reflect on the progress I’ve made and an opportunity for the boys to climb trees, ride bikes, look for squirrels and hopefully get back into a swimming pool at long last.

I am not renowned for writing down plans, but I do have some simple goals to aim for which include:

· Completing my accreditation to deliver financial education sessions – knowledge and skills that people are crying out for

· Learning to ride my bike safely on roads so I can make it to the Mersey and cycle along the routes we regularly walk along

· Supporting the boys with their studies and new routines to ease their transition from home to school

· Continuing to make connections and participate in activities every week that will enrich my soul, enhance my knowledge, skills, and business outcomes

Taking time to pause and tune back into my needs, instead of always thinking and putting others first, will be vital to achieving these things and to rebalance the effects of the past six months or so.

Starting next week, I am going to put my new girl hat on and restart the journey that began many months ago. Wish me luck.

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