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The morning rush

It seems every day as I scroll through social media, that people who are clearly a lot more serene than I ever will be, and more dedicated to the wellbeing cause, are enjoying a quiet revolution. At least five people a day pop up on my social channels posting perky videos, treading dew filled grass, walking dogs, sharing breath taking dawn shots inspired by nature.

I wonder, every single day, whether I will ever join them.

You see, my reality is somewhat different. Here’s the first 59 minutes of today.

07.11 – Wake up O

07.16 – Five people all trying to make different breakfasts and get a space (we have four stools)

07.22 – Morning debate – is today’s PE session indoor basketball or outdoor football and what happens if you take the wrong footwear in?

07.26 – Why does the clear sparkly toothpaste J uses turn blue in the sink? (Why??)

07.30 – Who is taking the last brunch bar for morning break? Why it is fair that O takes it. Why I just need everybody to get out of the kitchen right now.

07.32 – Wrestling competition on the landing perilously close to the top of the stairs

07.34 – Spot the learning journal treasure hunt game

07.40 – Morning wash on

07.43 – How has the computer science homework disappeared when it was in the bag with the other books

07.47 – O leaves (one down, two to go)

07.50 – Second debate of the day – should an iPad be allowed before school when you have got ready well ahead of schedule?

07.55 – Shower, hair, make up

08.10 - Hurrah – all three boys have left the building meaning I can now pack my bag including 2 big folders of pension documents, check emails, look up address of first client, dig out heels (yes heels!) and head off to see a client, but not before the washing machine plays its jaunty little tune to tell me the cycle is done.

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