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Lifting the fog

When I launched this blog, I was determined not to be that blogger who proclaimed to have a perfect life with no bumps in the road.

So, after a uber positive start to my blog, here is a more candid view on how I have been feeling so far this week.

Monday came, the kids went to their sports activities for the day and I was feeling positive and focussed about the week ahead.

I then swallowed the proverbial frog and decided to face my accounts which have been sitting in a digital and real file for months. Spreadsheets and I are not best friends anyway. Then I lost a bank statement. And receipts were flying around. Ugh.

The rest of the day was productive, but the sort of day where people either do not come back to you or ask to change plans that your entire schedule hinges on.

My sleep was hideous, broken up with weird dreams, feeling hot and cold and not being able to settle.

I knew today was not going to go to plan as soon as I got up. I missed my fab networking slot because of a wild goose chase involving a school blazer and missing sports sock. I then returned to a flurry of emails that were tricky to deal with.

My choices at this point – eat chocolate, admit defeat and head to the pub, go for a walk, hit the shops, or have a long soak in the bath with aromatherapy oils and sprays to rebalance me.

Apart from the pub option, I pretty much ticked all the other boxes in one go. I set off to the retail park with a mouth full of fruit and nut chocolate. I ambled around the shops, which is about as close to a walk as I could muster today in today’s stormy weather.

I bought a lamp for the living room and a cheeky little number for my office which is where I am typing this from. As soon as I switched both lights on and saw the gentle glow that the bulbs let off, the fog started to lift. I have sprayed my office with some calming spray, am about to write a new list and pack away for the day (mid-afternoon). Tonight’s agenda is the bath, face mask and an early night. Tomorrow is another day and I always come back fighting.

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