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Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

In the past five years my life has totally transformed. I have gone from wife to divorcee, co-parent to single parent and am now a 40-something mum and step-mum with a very busy family life surrounded by males.

2019 was the year of change; the year I took control of the aspects of my life that were no longer serving me. As well as moving home, I decided to leave my long and successful career in corporate communications to retrain in something totally new to me. Some people thought I was mad, but I had a clear vision for the future and a compelling reason for doing what I was doing, so I did it anyway. At the start of this year, I set up my own business in a world that was brand-new to me, just 11 weeks before lockdown.

Fast forward six months and there was a feeling in my gut and itch I could not scratch. Put simply, I desperately missed working in communications every day. Communications is the spark that lives within me so after some soul-searching, I decided to return to the job I truly love.

My business, Kings & Cubs, offers a wide range of communications consultancy services to businesses. Head to my Services tab to find out more about the business problems I might be able to solve with my communications solutions.

Why Kings & Cubs? The name brings together the two sides of my new family, the Kings and the Cubs. The site was originally set up as the home for my personal blog, a creative outlet for me to share my experiences juggling the different pieces of my jigsaw, from home to business, friendship to family and mindset to following your dreams. Now the site will start to evolve to reflect the latest leg of my journey.

For anybody contemplating or experiencing changes in their life, I hope my tales will spark your imagination, help you explore your own vision for the future and give you the confidence to go for it. Afterall, life is a journey, not a destination.

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